About us - how did we start?

Founded in 1986, we have years of experience in the transportation industry. With every kilometer passed, we were getting closer to full perfection in the field of specialized transport.

  • The origins and values of Benski company

    From the very beginning, the family nature of the company and local capital determine the values we are guided by.

    We focus on the highest quality of provided services, which is why we recognize the needs of our clients and have always listened to their suggestions for several decades. This approach led to the rapid expansion of the company - dynamic development is in our case not only an empty slogan - it is the result of the full commitment of father and son, owners of the Benski Company.

    Over 30 years of activity in the transport market have enabled us to achieve perfection in international shipping and to develop trust of both individual clients and the world's largest armies.

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Do you need to transport liquid chemicals?

We will gladly answer any questions!


We care about the details

Each order completed over the last 30 years was treated by us with the greatest care and attention to the smallest detail at every stage of execution. We do not divide into important and less important projects, each of our several thousand orders annually receives the highest priority.


Our capabilities

Our skills are supported by high-quality technical facilities. Only such a combination enables the professional execution of several thousand orders a year. The Benski fleet allows for the organization of domestic and international transport of dangerous goods of all ADR classes, including class 1, that is materials and explosive objects.

We offer transport:

  • By Isotherms with a capacity of up to 1, 8 and 24 tons
  • By tanks and IZO-containers with a capacity of 30000 - 34000 liters
  • By 20- and 40-foot containers
  • Goods under customs closures with the use of TIR Carnets

Unchanging standards

Regardless of whether we transport 10 kg black powder to a warehouse located 100 km away, or multi-ton loads to customers in Turkey, we operate with the same procedures and quality of services provided.
Both the individual client and the world's largest armies have entrusted us with orders of varying complexity for years. In return, they receive a guarantee of professional and timely execution.

Our team

Logistics Department

Mateusz Mańka
Transport / shipping - tankers

E-mail: lp.iksneb@aknam.m
Phone / Fax: +48 34 351 30 27
Mobile phone: +48 668 441 029

Kamil Krawczyk
Transport / shipping - tankers

E-mail: lp.iksneb@kyzcwark.k
Phone / Fax: +48 34 351 30 27
Mobile phone: +48 518 183 146

Andrzej Zoń
Transport / shipping - isotherm

E-mail: lp.iksneb@noz.a
Phone / Fax: +48 34 351 30 27
Mobile phone: +48 668 553 843

Business Development Manager /
Chairman of the Board

Andrzej Bronowicki

E-mail: lp.iksneb@ikciwonorb.a
Mobile phone: +48 666 852 220

Logistic Manager /
Vice-Chairman of the Board

Michał Benski

E-mail: lp.iksneb@lahcim
Phone: +48 602 345 195

Accounting department

Jolanta Wiśniowska

Phone: +48 34 356 12 01
Fax: +48 34 351 30 27
E-mail: lp.iksneb@akswoinsiw.atnaloj

Mariola Zozgórnik

Phone: +48 34 356 12 01
Fax: +48 34 351 30 27
E-mail: lp.iksneb@kinrogzoz.aloiram

BENSKI sp. z o.o. sp. k.

ul. Strażacka 27
42-700 Solarnia
NIP 5751886314
P: +48 34 351 30 27
E: lp.iksneb@oruib

Mailing address

BENSKI sp. z o.o. sp. k.
ul. Niegolewskich 5,
42-700 Lubliniec

BENSKI sp. z o.o. sp. k.
ul. Niegolewskich 5, 42-700 Lubliniec


P: +48 34 351 30 27

Our consultants are at your service

We work from 8 to 16 on business days.