Transport of explosives, weapons, and ammunition

A comprehensive approach and professionalism guarantee the safe transport of your goods.

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    Transport of hazardous materials

    We have the highest-class specialist equipment for transporting explosives.

Comprehensive transport of weapons, ammunition, and explosives

Benski specializes in the transport of hazardous materials, taking into account intermodal solutions. Transportation of weapons, ammunition or explosives requires a comprehensive approach, specialist knowledge, and appropriate technical preparation.

Our drivers are highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in specialized transport, both domestically and internationally. All staff have all necessary permissions to carry dangerous goods (including the "Befähigungsschein nach parf 20 des Sprengstoffgestetzes" certificate), take part in programs and courses ensuring safety and achieving the most economical and environmentally-friendly driving.


Transport standards

The safety procedures we have implemented and the practices we have developed to properly handle dangerous goods give our customers 100% satisfaction, which is evident by the standing orders from both individual customers and the world's largest armies.

During each transport of hazardous materials we take care of:

Securing transport and proper packaging of goods

Preparation of drivers and staff in the event of an emergency

Development and delivery of required documents

Ensuring perfect technical condition and equipment of vehicles


Do you need to transport hazardous materials?

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